Voice of Director

Vice Principal

Dear Parents,

Greeting of the day

Thank you for choosing Bipul Shikshya Niketan as a perfect destination for your child.  The Venus is always passionate to provide its pupils with a strong foundation in a nurturing environment, which will allow their natural gifts to unfold.

We have peaceful atmosphere and homely environment, where students can enjoy every moment and learn comfortably. They will never be bored! A student can enjoy various activities besides study. Speech, debate, dance, music, karate, basketball are just to name the few. Bipul Provides an excellent opportunity to our students to foster their underlying potentialities by involving in outdoor activities, field visit, community awareness programme, sanitation programme, project works etc. And of course there are the studies! Our staffs will always be in hand to keep a watchful eye on students’ academic performances. If you’re looking into the better school for your lovely children, we seriously urge you to come and look at Bipul Shikshya Niketan.



Sanobabu Ghimire