Our Objectives

Main Objective

The school has been established aiming to fulfill below mentioned objectives:

  • To produce a discipline student with dignity.

  • To Inspire children to become both good and smart-good at heart with high moral values, self-discipline and manners, smart in thought and action and capable of high thinking, thereby, turning the gift of God to mankind into a pride of the human race.

  • To give the students new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions and equip them for an analytical out-look for decision making in the ever-changing environment.

  • To develop the Student's abilities to formulate, structure, solve and implement solution to complex problems.

  • To encourage the students to experiment and be creative thereby making them understand universal values, excellence in all things, global understanding and service to the world.

  • To provide healthy, creative and child-friendly environment so as to pour out their underlying potentialities.

  • To lay a strong foundation for their future and enable them to become a noble citizens of the nation.