About US

Our Motto, Mission and Vision

Our Motto

"Igniting Young Creative Minds"

Our Vision

To Mould Thinkers, Planners, Readers, Learners and Achievers .

Our Mission

Bipul has been established aiming at fulfilling the following Missions:

1. To cultivate the sense of cooperation, cultural and religious tolerance, Brotherhood and Patriotism. 

2.  To help children become confident, informed, purposeful and independent.

3. To provide an enriching and stimulating environment within which the child becomes an active explorer.

4. To provide a framework of discipline which empowers a child to develop self discipline and a strong sense of self.

5.  To awaken children’s interest in all subjects and to encourage in them a love for learning.



Bipul Shikshya Niketan, established in 1999 AD at Gokarneshwor-06, Nayabasti, Jorpati, is an English medium coeducation school operated by a team of well experienced management and trained teachers. The school has been established with the objective of transforming the students from where they are to where they want to be, helping them to discover their inner potentials or the voice and build character, turning them into building blocks of the nation building process.

The school has been established with the aim of training children to become patriotic, dutiful, and skillful citizens of their motherland, Nepal. The school, operating from Play Group to class ten with the facilities of boarders, day boarders and day scholars and transportation for the needy students, believes in quality education. It not only focuses on providing education to the students but also encourages them to participate in extra-curricular activities such as games and sports, dance and music, arts, etc. by conducting such events and activities time and again.

The school has adopted child-centered teaching-learning methodology and for imparting education. It takes the help of modern teaching tools such as audio-visuals, motivation, counseling and friendly environment for the students. The school is facilitated with all the modern infrastructures required for imparting quality education in a pleasant environment. The school is always dedicated for the continual improvement of students and the satisfaction of the parents. It has the facilities of computer and science laboratories, resourceful library, clean and hygienic cafeteria, in-door and out-door gaming centers for small children, art and craft facilities, etc.



The school has been established aiming to fulfill below mentioned objectives:

  • To produce a discipline student with dignity.

  • To Inspire children to become both good and smart-good at heart with high moral values, self-discipline and manners, smart in thought and action and capable of high thinking, thereby, turning the gift of God to mankind into a pride of the human race.

  • To give the students new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions and equip them for an analytical out-look for decision making in the ever-changing environment.

  • To develop the Student's abilities to formulate, structure, solve and implement solution to complex problems.

  • To encourage the students to experiment and be creative thereby making them understand universal values, excellence in all things, global understanding and service to the world.

  • To provide healthy, creative and child-friendly environment so as to pour out their underlying potentialities.

  • To lay a strong foundation for their future and enable them to become a noble citizens of the nation.


Silent feature


  • A school operated by highly experienced management team.
  • Quality education in a reasonable and affordable fees structure.
  • Transportation facility.
  • Qualified, experienced, optimistic, creative and dedicated teaching staff.
  • Ongoing assessment and record keeping including a portfolio, record of achievement and teacher records.
  • Helps in providing holistic education i.e. Academics, Games & Sports and Co-curricular Activities.
  • Extra coaching for slow learners.
  • Focused English environment.
  • Child-centered teaching-learning methodology.
  • Takes the help of modern teaching tools such as audio-visuals, motivation, counseling and friendly environment for the students.
  • Facilities of computer and science laboratories, resourceful library, clean and hygienic cafeteria, playground, indoor games for small children, dance, music, art and craft classes.

Admission Policy


Generally, students are admitted in Play Group to grade VIII. The age at the time of admission in PG must be above two and half year. Admission forms and prospectus are available at the school office during the third week of Chaitra every year. A written entrance tests and interview are conducted in order to admit the students.

The following documents must be submitted at the time of admission.

  • Mark sheet or Grade sheet of the Annual examination of the former school.

  • Character Certificate/ Transfer Certificate

  • Birth Registration Certificate

  • A copy of Parent’s Citizenship

  • Four copies of recent pp size photograph

Once the student is admitted to the school, admission fees including annual fees won’t be refunded in the case of cancellation of admission.


Rules and Regulation at Bipul


  • All the students should attend the school regularly. Students without prescribed school uniform will be debarred from entering the classes, Jewelries, cosmetics, coloured and stylish hair, long and polished nails are strictly forbidden.
  • All the students should speak English within the school premises as well as in the classes except in Nepali classes.
  • Any types of misbehaviour with the teachers, staff and other students won’t be tolerated.
  • Students having less than 70% attendance in a term will not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  • A student is granted leave on submission of convincing and reasonable application with the recommendation of the guardian.
  • The student has to contribute positively for the creation and maintenance of conductive learning environment.
  • The student has to respect the rights of other students in the classroom.
  • The student has to participate in school activities and maintain the decorum of the class.
  • The student should take care of school and personal property.


Students violating the rules and regulations of Bipul will be treated as follows:

  • Convincing and warning
  • Psychological treatment
  • Counseling with the guardians
  • Suspension from class
  • Expulsion, if not improved


Academic Session


The academic session begins from the first week of Baishak and is completed by the third week of Chaitra every year. The academic session is divided into three terms and each term ends with the conduct of terminal examination. Unit tests account for 10%, and the terminal examinations carry 90% of the marks.

Information about examination schedules, important activities or events and holidays are clearly mentioned in the school calendar. Parents are required to follow the schedule strictly. They will also be inform in written or through text message on their cell phones if any changes are made in the existing schedule to any circumstances.


Dress Code


The school has a prescribed uniform to maintain the quality and uniformity. Students are required to dress as per the specification. Fancy shoes, coloured socks other than the prescribed one, long and polished nails, coloured and stylish hair, fancy hair bands, earrings, bracelets, finger rings, lockets, etc are strictly forbidden in the school. Continuous violation of the school dress code will be severely dealt with.


Uniform Detail



Existing Dress: Blue pants/ skirts, light sky with stripe shirt, Blue Sweater, Black Shoes and Blue Socks, Tie and School Belt, White Ribbons (for girls)


Purposed Dress: Ash Gray Pants/Skirt, White Shirt, Ash Gray Sweater/Blazer, Black Shoes and Gray Socks,Tie and School Belt, White Ribbons (for girls)



House Dress: House wise Tracksuit Set, White Shoes and White Socks


ECA at Bipul


We maintained a desirable balance between academic and co-curricular activities. Bipul offers a verity of extracurricular activities to the students so as to add on their skills to competent academic learning. The students are encouraged to be engaged on the numbers of activities such as basketball, football, Table Tennis, Yoga, dance, drawing and music.